When is ISFiT2021?
ISFiT21 will be in February 2021, from 11.02.21 to 22.02.21

How do I apply as a participant for the ISFiT 2021 festival?
You can read more about restrictions due to COVID-19 on this website. Your application must be submitted through https://participant.isfit.org/.

What will I do during ISFiT21?
Participants spend their days attending workshops that relate to the theme "Creating Knowledge’. You can see information about the workshop options in the ‘workshops’ tab. Here you will have discussions with other students about relevant topics, and participate in a variety of activities. In addition to the workshops you will attend talks from international speakers, and cultural events such as concerts, theatre performances, and comedy nights. And of course, there will be parties and social events with the ISFiT volunteers and students of Trondheim!

Do I need to speak English to attend ISFiT?
Participants are not required to be fluent in English, however all discussion and presentations will be in English, so you should have a high enough level of English that you can join in discussions and understand the presentations.

Will I be given financial aid to attend the festival?
Some financial aid may be available for applicants to cover travel costs, and you can apply for this aid in the application. There is no guarantee that we can provide you financial assistance to travel to Trondheim however.

When will I find out the outcome of my application?
You will be contacted about the result of your application from late October to early November. Every applicant will be contacted with an outcome, whether you are given a place in ISFiT21 or not.

Successful applicants will be provided with all further important information once they are selected.

When do participant applications close?
The participant application closes on the 27th of September 2020.

What expenses will I have during the festival in Trondheim?
All applicants will be provided with accommodation for the duration of the ISFiT21. You will be placed with a host family in Trondheim, where you will have the chance to meet Trondheim locals and students and be a part of the community.

Participants will also be provided with three meals every day for no cost. Breakfast is provided by your host family, and lunch and dinner are provided at your events during the festival. Food provided during ISFiT21 is of high quality, and dietary restrictions and requirements will be met for all participants. However, be aware that most of the food you are served will be of Norwegian style, and therefore may be different from what you are accustomed to.

Travel from the airport into Trondheim will be covered by the festival, and all participants will receive a free bus pass to cover all travel within Trondheim.

Essentially, all participant costs will be covered during ISFiT21, except for any additional/alternate food you would like to buy, and non-essential purchases such as souvenirs. Some optional events on the cultural program, such as concerts, also require that you purchase tickets to attend. However, there will always be something fun and free for you to take part in!

What is Trondheim like?
Trondheim is a small and beautiful city, situated on the banks of a fjord, and surrounded by mountains. Its proximity to so many natural areas makes the city a hub for outdoor sports and adventures, and many of the residents can be found in the surrounding mountains on the weekend. The city has a vibrant student life, and many options for entertainment. As a participant you will get to experience both of these aspects of Trondheim. You can attend concerts and cultural events around the city and join in student parties at Studentersamfundet (Student Society), the centre of student life, and you will also get a chance to experience the beautiful Norwegian mountains and try out some skiing!

Please be aware that the weather in February is always below zero degrees Celsius. It is likely to be snowing. For this reason you should pack only warm clothing, including warm and waterproof shoes. If you do not own warm clothing, you will be provided with any clothing that you need during the festival. This clothing will be borrowed, and must be returned at the end of the festival. If you own your own cold weather clothing, you should bring it to ensure you have the right size and the most comfortable clothing possible.

I participated in ISFiT 2017/any previous ISFiT but didn't get my certificate. Can you send me a new one?
ISFiT 2017 certificates were sent out by mail after the festival. Unfortunately, many participants gave us incorrect addresses and these certificates were returned as 'undeliverable'. Due to privacy concerns, we do not keep written records of those who participate in ISFiT. We apologise, but we cannot send out new certificates.